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The Perfect 10's

...a community for the vain but beautiful people...

Are You A Perfect 10 ?
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Here's How To Find Out

  1. Join the community.

  2. After joining the community you must post at least 2 or more pictures of yourself.

  3. Your pictures will be judged with a YES or NO vote by already accepted members.

  4. Based on the ratio of YES or NO votes on your picture, you will receive either an ACCEPTED or REJECTED stamp.


  1. When posting your pictures in the community, please use a LJ Cut. Do not post links to pictures. Pictures must be posted in your entry. No one wants to waste their time clicking and playing "follow the link". Failure to follow those rules will result in a deleted post!

  2. Accepted stamped members may post in the community freely. If you are a stamped member and are posting pictures, please mention somewhere in your post that you are stamped so there is no confusion to new members on whether or not they are to vote on your post.

  3. Posting of other people's pictures will not be tolerated. If we find out that you are posting pictures other than your own, it will result in immediate banning and probably humiliation... so save yourself the trouble and just don't do it!
  4. You may NOT comment on anyone else's post unless you are a stamped member, you may however, respond to comments in your own post.

  5. Only the Mods are allowed to stamp posts.

  6. By posting your pictures, realize that you are opening yourself up for judgement. Please be aware that not everyone will sugar-coat their comments, because as far as commenting... ANYTHING GOES! So if you feel that you won't be able to handle any and all comments that may or may not be thrown at you, please don't bother to post!

  7. Once you receive your stamp, you will be able to do one of two things.... Accepted members may go on and judge new posts in the community. Rejected members, well, just say bub-bye cuz you will just have to sit back, relax, and get banned :-)

  8. This community is open to EVERYONE, yes, that means guys can post here as well as the girlies :-)

Mods: tabzTabz *creator*, mafia_prynzess, gabriel1980, sexi_pussy